Defcon1 Day 2

So I have this vision, that DefCon1 is and can be way more than just some pretty kick ass shirt ideas.  It can be a family of people that come from all kinds of walks, man. No care of creed or color, but just a similar thought about our freedoms and protecting them, from all enemies foreign and domestic. DefCon1 is the actualization that we, each of us, aren't alone in our thoughts, that there is pure evil in this world.  And at some point that will come to head.  There may or may not be fighting on our home land.  Shit, there may or may not be fighting in your front yard.  We as Americans have a responsibility, to defend those liberties, that we are willingly giving up daily to these crooked politicians.  I, for one, am ALL SET.  I am a Defender of liberty, I am DefCon1.